Sunday, March 20, 2016

My first vacation with Hexbeam

This time I decided to bring with me, instead of simple wire antenna or Buddipole, the Hexbeam antenna.
I am going to raise it close to the bungalow so, I do not need to worry of distance to the beach, radials etc. This antenna will also allow me to switch easily between bands.
The Hexbeam is manufactured by Waldi SP7IDX who was so kind to support me designing the logo and preparing t-shirts. Many thanks for that Waldi!
Besides the Hexbeam I am going to have a wire vertical for 40m too.
As I do not operate cw I will work mainly SSB as well as RTTY and PSK-31. Those digi modes will be used mainly at night when my xyl will be sleeping, so I will not be able to speak loud. The place I have booked for accomodation ensures 24h electricity. I also expect to have an access to the internet. I will upload logs at least once a day. After return home I will also upload the logs to LoTW.
As usual the QSL cards will be designed after holidays as I want to use pictures taken by me on the island. I will answer cards sent direct or via bureau. I will be also using Clublog OQRS.

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